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This healthy note cube will add beauty and nutrition to any room. Bring a lush vegetable garden and fruit orchard into your kitchen or office, or give the gift of nature's bounty to your friends and family. The one-panel high-resolution photo is repeated four times with slight variations. The decorative top sheet provides an attractive presentation for gifts, and tears off to reveal the blank pages of the memo cube.

There are six fruits and vegetables in the image. Can you find the watermelon? Although this cube looks good enough to eat, we do not recommend steaming or eating it.

700 white pages (tear-off, NOT STICKY, no pencil hole). Our 4-color process printing is superior in quality to silk screen used by many note cubes. Size is 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5". Shrink-wrapped. Made in USA (paper US or Canada) of 100% recycled post-consumer fiber.

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What is an Earthcube?

An Earthcube is a cubic notepad made with 100% recycled paper. The designs are natural themes (flowers, fruits & vegetables, sky, sea). Every Earthcube has 700 white tear-off pages for writing notes.

What makes the Earthcube better than other note cubes you can buy at stationery stores? Here are our 6 reasons to buy:

  1. The Earthcube note cubes are Made in USA (paper US or Canada). Always have been and always will be.
  2. Our products are sold online at Amazon.com, use Amazon's secure transactions, ship from Amazon's warehouse, and are backed by the Amazon.com A-to-Z guarantee.
  3. Our designs are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.
  4. An Earthcube note cube is good for daydreaming. The designs with photographs are high resolution images printed in full-color.
  5. Unlike the designs of many other notecube companies, the designs printed on the sides of Earthcube note cubes maintain their beauty and integrity throughout the life of the notepad.
  6. Goodies! The Hearts note cube has a pre-drilled hole for a pen. The Blue Sea note cube is "sticky" with adhesive at the top (back) of every sheet.

The Earthcube is a useful and long-lasting gift for yourself and others, a practical and decorative gift for home, office, and vacation spaces: kitchen, office, den, hallway, vacation cottage, sailboat, tree house, and cabana.


Beautiful and functional. This cube of memo paper is simply beautiful. The arrangement of fruit and vegetables, all with a red theme, makes it a perfect accent for my kitchen. But the note cube is not simply attractive: it is functional as well. I often find myself rooting around the kitchen for a slip of paper to write a phone message on. I used to leave memo pads lying on the counter, but they didn't really suit the space: I may be picky, but I like the rooms in my house to look good, and I don't think that a legal pad lying about really helps that cause. This note cube, on the other hand, is great for the room, it fits the decor, and it has a photo that attracts attention. I've never been complimented on a pad of paper before. The note cube has 700 sheets of paper in it, each with a completely white surface. I like that: I have bought pads with fancy designs before, but when the fancy image is on the face of the page, it is often difficult to see the words that I write because they get lost in the picture. This note cube has the picture printed on the side. Yes, as the pages get used, the picture will become smaller, but the strength of the image is as much its color as its content, and I won't be ashamed to have it sitting on my counter with half of the photo gone. I also like that the note cube is made in the USA; I know that I'm buying domestic when I get it. It's also completely made of recycled paper. The note cube may cost a bit more than conventional memo pads, but this is no mere memo pad: it's a conversation piece that just happens to be available for writing on. I think it makes a great item to keep at home, and also a great gift to give away.   -- Amazon reviewer

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